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Sister City since October 25, 1981
The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is country’s political, economic and cultural center. The surrounding mountains give Ljubljana a pleasant environment, with plenty of rainfall and a mild temperature.
Both varied-style ancient architectures and modern buildings have their places at Ljubljana, among which the most famous is the Ljubljana Castle in the city center.
Exchange activities:
Foreign Students Program: The two cities have vigorous Foreign Students Program and more than 20 students have benefited from this program.

Special Education: The China-Slovenia Youth Education Exchange Program initiated by Ljubljana has been launched at Chengdu University. This program incorporates drama education into the special education system of China.

Medical Sciences: Chengdu Institute of Biological Products collaborates with Blood Transfusion Center of Slovenia in stem cells programs.

Sichuan Cuisine Program: The two cities work closely in this program and more than ten Sichuan cuisine chefs have been dispatched to Ljubljana for service.

Tourism: Chengdu proposed that all sister cities build a tourism platform together and took the lead by launching the tourism program of “Citizen’s Self-driving Traveling to European Sister Cities”. Ljubljana government held a launching ceremony for program.
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