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Sister City since September 27th, 1984
As the capital of Yamanashi Prefect, Japan, Kofu has a long history. In the agriculture sector, Kofu is famous for its fruit cultivation and vegetable plantation, especially grape cultivation. It was called as the Best Land of Grapes in Japan.

Kofu’s traditional industry of crystal polishing, processing and carving has enjoyed long-term reputation worldwide. The crystal products are sold to the world as top-class arts and crafts. Kofu is also a famous distribution center of gems. Other industries in Kofuinclude manufacturing large-scale integrates circuits computers, machines and electronic parts.

Kofu is a famous commercial and financial city in Japan.

The University of Yamanashi in Kofu has a good reputation. Besides, Kofu’s Art Galleryand Cultural Hall for County People are well-known in Japan.

Kofu has many famous scenic spots, such as the Divine Valley, regarded as the Best Valley in Japan, the Old Kofu City and the Takeda Ruins. In the north part of Kofu, there is a large area of vineyard on the slopes of the hills. The hot springs in Kofu are very popular.

Exchange activities:

In May 2010, the Chengdu municipal government sent a delegation on a visit to Kofu. In August, a students’ delegation from Kofu visited Chengdu.

In December 2011, a middle school students’ delegation from Chengdu visited Kofu.

In February 2012, Chengdu Transportation Administration sent a delegation to visit Kofu and met with local traffic police forces.
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