World looks to Chengdu as model of metropolitan progress

Authors: China Daily


As an important city involved in the ancient Silk Road and the national Belt and Road Initiative, Chengdu has taken a leading role in promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation in the region.
The latest example: Chengdu hosted the 2018 World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium from June 20 to 22.
This year's symposium was the first such gathering to focus on international communications of cultural activities among countries and regions taking part in the initiative, organizers said.
The Chengdu event attracted representatives from 22 member cities of the World Cities Culture Forum, organizer of the symposium, and nine cities involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. There were also some 400 representatives of famous creative culture institutes and cultural celebrities from home and abroad who attended.
"Culture plays an important role in the rapid development of cities taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative and it can strengthen connection between cities and people and drive innovation," said Justine Simons, chair of the World Cities Culture Forum and deputy mayor of London, in her greeting video.
"The symposium in Chengdu provides us with a great opportunity to discuss the positive effect of culture among cities involved in the Belt and Road Initiative."
During the event, participants released what they called the "Chengdu Declaration", announcing their support for exchanges and cooperation in city cultures around the world, and expressing the hope that such exchanges will be an innovative force in driving global prosperity.
Among the first fruits of that effort was a cooperation agreement signed at the symposium. Chengdu has agreed to serve as a "world renowned culture city center" - a key hub of cultural exchanges in line with the Belt and Road Initiative, deepening cooperation worldwide in fields including culture and technology, fashion and design, art and music, tourism and exhibition.
Thus, the friendly, outgoing Tianfu Culture - the culture of Chengdu, for which the city is renowned can mix with other outstanding cultures around the world, jointly building a virtuous pattern of global cultural interaction.
"Of all the things on which cities collaborate, culture is one of the most important. Of course, economics, trade and innovation are highly important, too. But ultimately it is culture that provides the foundation," said Paul Owens, director of the World Cities Culture Forum.
Setting up the world renowned culture city center is expected to build a broader platform for the exchanges of cultural and creative industrial cooperation among cities and better serve the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said.
The organization committee of the World Cities Culture Forum also released its first research report on the development of cities involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.
The report noted that Chengdu's lifestyle emphasizes a unique beauty and culture, which is embodied by the people of the city.
It said Chengdu has the opportunity to play a leading role in the exchange of cultural benefits among Belt and Road Initiative participants.
According to the report, Chengdu is a trailblazing city in terms of globalization through soft power.
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