Unexpected Huge Transformations Witnessed in Chengdu’s Tianfu New Area after Four Years of High-Quality Development

Authors: People's Daily Online


The Area, despite of being established only four years ago, has already put on tremendous transformations after developing with both quality and quantity as a core area of innovative growth.
The Area is located in the hilly area to the southeast of downtown Chengdu, where there are abundant ecological resources such as the Sancha Lake, Longquan Lake, Minjiang River and Longquan Mountain.
In October 2014, the Area was officially approved as a national new area, given its influence on Sichuan and Chongqing as well as its role of leading the growth of the whole western China. It has also displayed huge potential for the future development as a highland of economic openness in hinterland China. The Area, with an overall planned area of 1,578 square kilometers, is curdled by a mountain and two beautiful lakes.
Four years ago, in the "Master Plan for Sichuan Tianfu New Area", this place was positioned as the most dynamic new type of growth pole in western China.
As of 2017, the GDP of the Area reached 784.33 billion yuan, registering an annual growth rate of 8.7%; its accumulated fixed assets investment was 653.41 billion yuan, up by 18.5% annually. By the same year, the Area already boasted one industry with over 100-billion-yuan output value, and eight industries with over 10-billion-yuan output value and its economic aggregate ranked 5th out of the 19 national new areas.
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