New hydrogen-powered bus unveiled in Chengdu

Authors: China Plus, CRI Online


An environment friendly hydrogen-powered bus made its debut recently in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, according to a report from the official Wechat account of the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
Built by a local company, the 10.5-meter long bus is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system which can guarantee a smooth ride of 500 to 600 kilometers on a full tank of hydrogen.
The bus can convert to electric power if it runs out of hydrogen.
The prototype is part of a 6 billion yuan program to manufacture 25,000 new energy vehicles.
Hydrogen power has been a growing trend among automobile manufacturers over the past few years. Chinese bus makers, including Zhongtong, Yutong and Beijing Automotive Group have become leaders in China in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles.
Li Shupeng, president of Zhongtong Bus Holding Co., Ltd., is calling for more hydrogen gas stations to be built this year.
(source: China Plus, CRI Online, March 15, 2018 )

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