Jinma town leads Wenjiang's development

Authors: Go Chengdu


Located on the east bank of Jinmahe River in southern Wenjiang,Chengdu, Jinma (which means golden horse in Chinese) is famous for its sports industry and in particular ecotourism related to horses.
The equestrianism sports center, the core project of Wenjiang's sports industry development, is a complex integrating sports activities (such as horse racing and steeplechasing), supporting business centers, and leisure tourism. It has become a powerful engine in Jinma's development, which greatly contributes to its regional economy.
Meanwhile, tech manufacturing industries, including wireless digital transmission, and electronic information, as well as biopharmaceutical companies, have seen strong growth there. These emerging industries not only create job opportunities for local residents, but also attract migrant workers to settle in Wenjiang.
With the development of a modern service and tech manufacturing industry, Jinma town has become a heart of Wenjiang's growth. Next, Jinma is planning to develop a traditional cultural village and to construct outlet malls in the town, which are expected to boost the town's tourism.
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