Chengdu might be next Chinese city to bid for summer Olympics



Chengdu might be next Chinese city to bid for the summer Olympics, according to the ongoing local "two sessions", the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the National People's Congress.
A member of the CPPCC Chengdu Committee just submitted a proposal, advising the city to bid for the 2036 Olympic Games.
"Many Chinese cities will be capable of the bid after 20 years, which suggests fiercer competition," CPPCC member Pu Hu said, believing that whoever takes the lead will enjoy the most benefits.
None of the cities in central and western China have hosted large-scale comprehensive international games, he added.
Chengdu holds comprehensive advantages over many fields such as economy, population, infrastructure, and transportation, Hu noted. According to him, to bid for the Olympic Games will be an unprecedented opportunity for the city, and it also complies with Chengdu's aim of development.
Organizations have predicted that Chengdu will enter the list of top-30 cities of the world economy around 2035. Therefore 2036 would be the best time for the city to host the games, Hu said.
Hu's point was agreed on by many CPPCC members. Deng Juqiu, a member of the CPPCC Chengdu Committee said that hosting the Olympic Games would definitely bring benefits to the city. However, it calls for further study regarding feasibility, she added.
(source:, February 24, 2018)

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