Chengdu metro launches peach flower themed service



Chengdu Metro Line 2 started March 19 to operate a service featuring peach flower motifs.
The service will run for a month along Line 2 which links to Longquanyi, a popular peach flower site in Chengdu. The Longquanyi Station and the two ahead of it have been decorated with various peach flower motifs.
The pink hues of blossoming peach flowers spread across the walls and the ceiling; poems depicting peach flowers and spring scenery in the city are posted on the door leaves on the left, and the spaces on the right are reserved for the works of a spring-themed poetry.
(source:, March 23, 2018)

Big Data on Chengdu Metro Operation in 2017

Last year, Chengdu Metro’s passenger traffic hit 0.78 billion, creating a record high.

Feb 01, 2018

Metropolis striving to become a hub for consumer services

For people who have never been to Chengdu, the city is just a city. But for those who have visited or lived there, it has its own unique kind of beauty, style and magic.

Feb 28, 2018

Chengdu Metro Line 1’s 3rd Phase to Get Operational

As the extension of Chengdu’s first metro line that stretches to the central part of the Tianfu New Area, a state-level development zone, the third phase of Chengdu Metro Line 1 will start trial operation by March 22.

Mar 18, 2018

Metro Line 1 Extension Links Tourist Attractions in Southern City

The 3rd Phase of Chengdu Metro Line 1, with a total length of about 17 km and 13 underground stations along its way, started trial operation on March 18.

Mar 21, 2018

Peach Flowers Light up Metro Line 2 Trains

Artificial peach trees and ink paintings related to peach flowers are seen everywhere on the Chengdu Metro Line 2 trains, which are specially decorated during the period March 19-April 19 for the 32nd Chengdu Peach Blossom Festival.

Mar 21, 2018

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