Chengdu finds partners for large-scale cultural projects

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu attracts companies to launch projects in the city by carrying out a promotional activity in Hong Kong on Aug 24.
Themed Tianfu Chengdu, Future of Cultural Innovation, the event involved film and television, radio, cultural tourism, stage performances as well as resort towns.
China Taihe Group, a Hong Kong-based finance company picked Dujiangyan, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, as the location of its water theme park project.
Construction of the 33-hectare theme park will kick off in October.
"Dujiangyan is a resort city with worldwide fame. We are confident about the project," said Wang Xiaoyong, chairman of China Taihe.
The goal is to establish a national-level landmark on water-themed park in Southwest China and the whole country.
"The theme of the project was tailored by WhiteWater, a major Canadian water park designer. The drafts have been finalized," Wang said.
The water park will be equipped with high-end laser technology, a huge wave pool that can make 3-meter waves and the world's first undersea walking system.
Ancient resort towns in Chengdu also caught investors' attention. OCT(H.K.) Co will develop a new sightseeing destination in Luodai, an ancient town in eastern Chengdu, established during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).
"We will upgrade the resort town and develop a new 3-square-kilometer tourism area," said He Haibin, chairman of the company. In addition to Luodai, the company also plans to build a holiday destination in Longquan Mountain Forest Park.
Jiaxuan Culture Investment Co plans to establish a panda-themed theater in Chengdu. "We aim to attract more visitors from around the world to watch the show,"said Wu Li, chairman of the company, adding that the show achieved a great success in the United States.
Besides cultural projects, agreements signed during the promotional activity in Hong Kong also involved initiatives to cultivate the cultural innovation industry.
Chengdu Media Group signed an agreement with Arts China to work together to construct an innovative cultural industry cluster in Chengdu.
The project is expected to involve investment of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.54 billion), aiming to attract worldwide leading cultural groups to the cluster. During the promotional activity, Conor Roche, representative chairman of The World Famous Cultural City Forum, announced Chengdu would become a member city.
(source:, September 28, 2017)

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