Chengdu blazes trails in country's opening-up

Authors: China Daily


This year's first month saw 11 major projects launched in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, bringing in a total of 8.25 billion yuan ($1.27 billion) in investment.
These projects, including such fields as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, precision healthcare and new energy vehicles, were introduced to boost the development in the city's new economy.
As a major city in western China, Chengdu has played a key role as a hub in the country's opening-up and the Belt and Road Initiative. Leveraging its geographical advantages, it has been blazing new trails for more international communications and cooperation.
Consequently, a large number of industrial leaders and institutions have been settling their projects in the city since the beginning of 2018, showcasing Chengdu's charm for investors and potential for development.
On January 9, the launch of the China-UK Institute of Innovative Quality Engineering and Smart Technology was announced at the Business & Innovation Center for China-Europe Cooperation — a major industrial park in Chengdu —to support the city's strategy to build itself into a world-class place for scientific research.
The institute was founded through the collaboration of Brunel University London and the National Physics Laboratory in the United Kingdom, as well as Chinese company Sichuan Mingxin Energy Group.
"The institute will support industry 4.0-based quality engineering, provide comprehensive solutions in the field of intelligent systems and serve corporate innovation, aiming to improve the quality of products, processes and services," said Liu Jing'an, Chinese president of the institute.
The Business & Innovation Center for China-Europe Cooperation was set up in the Chengdu High-tech Zone in May last year. Since its establishment, it has attracted institutions and companies from European countries such as the UK, France, Germany and Italy.
In January, Chengdu High-tech Zone announced its cooperation with China Unicom Group, French communications service provider Sigfox, and SeniorAdom, a French elderly healthcare service provider.
The three parties decided to develop the Sino-French Chengdu International Smart Elderly Care Demonstration Community in the zone, involving 300 million euros ($373 million) in investment. The project was signed during French President Emmanuel Macron's recent visit to China and Chengdu High-tech Zone became the first Chinese business partner of Sigfox and SeniorAdom.
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