Beautiful, liveable metropolis takes shape

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu, capital of China’s Sichuan Province, has long been known as one of China's happiest and most liveable cities. Now it is aiming to develop itself into a beautiful and ecologically friendly garden city, according to a recent official document.
Chengdu expects to become a world-class city through sustainable development by 2050, according to the Overall Urban Development Plan of Chengdu (2016-2035).
In Chengdu there is a huge "garden" — Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park. According to the plan, Longquan Mountain will become a world-class green center and international "living room" for the city.
The forest coverage of the park is expected to reach 70 percent, equivalent to 107.6 square feet of forest for each citizen. It will give the city's residents more convenient access to recreational areas and a better quality of life. Wang Shibin, director of the park's management committee, said he feels a heavy responsibility on his shoulders to oversee the plan's implementation.
He said one of the key missions was to build more attractions and plant more green vegetation, adding that the area of newly-built green space in the Longquan Mountain park had reached 1,333 hectares.
Some 24.9 miles of mountain roads and 124.3 miles of greenway, as well as sightseeing platforms, will be finished this year in the park. The mountain roads will be constructed in late March, Wang added.
Tianfu Greenway is another major programme. The project, which began in 2017, is to be completed by 2035. By then, a greenway stretching 10,501 miles will cross the whole city, covering 3.46 million acres in area.
Ecological zones, parks, small gardens and grasslands will be connected via the greenway, transforming the metropolis into a huge garden. It will serve multiple functions, including ecological protection.
(source:, March 20, 2018)

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