Chengdu Ranks 4th among Chinese Cities in Retail Sales

Authors: Go Chengdu


Savills, a global leading real estate service provider, released August 28 this year's report of China 20 Retail Cities. According to it, Chengdu, following Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, came in fourth on the ranking.
Chengdu Ranks 4th among Chinese Cities in Retail Sales
To measure the 20 cities' level of development in retailing, the report uses 16 groups of indicators under two categories: the "economic index" is based on a city's macroeconomic and demographic data, while the "retailer index" is based on the number of stores in the city operated by 50 selected international brands. The indicators are weighted and aggregated to give a final score for each city.
The report shows that the gap between Shanghai, Beijing and the other 18 cities has been narrowing over the recent three years. While many international retailers still prefer to choose Beijing or Shanghai as their first location in China, and often plan to expand to Chengdu or other cities within one year. Some even choose Chengdu as their first location. During the first half of this year, Chengdu witnessed 13 brands opening their first stores in the city.

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