Chenghua District

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Chenghua District, located in northeastern urban Chengdu, belongs to the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and Chengdu-Deyang-Mianyang economic belt.
The District is one of the core areas in Chengdu and occupies an area of 108 square kilometers with 14 sub-district offices and a permanent population of 940, 000. Chenghua District is named as China's happiest urban district, China's model district for the construction of harmonious society, the best urban district for investment value in China, the best urban district for China’s commercial real estate investment, China's cultural tourism demonstration base, etc.
In line with the development planning of Chengdu's economic growth core area, Chenghua District, under the guidance of Scientific Development Perspective, has been promoting the industrial transformation, the service-orientated economy and the traditional industrial zone reconstruction to create a modern urban area. Under the general guidancelines of "growing bigger and stronger", Chenghua District strives to develop the whole-area urbanization and modernization and build an overall internationalized comprehensive urban district in the central and western China.

Chenghua District is a developing zone and a hotland for investment
The Revitalization Project of North Chengdu was launched last year, Chenghua District caught the chance of the renovation project, highlighted resource advantages and its own characteristics to promote the development of industry functional area and industrial upgrading. The district is scheduled to strongly develop the area of Balizhuang and Erxianqiao, including the development of the sub-center of the northeastern urban city and the construction of the 2nd Ring Road, 2.5 Ring Road and the New Chenghua Revenue.
According to the development planning, the district makes an effort to develop six industrial functional areas, including Jianshe Road business zone, Intercity Travel Business City of Chengdu New Railway Passenger Station, Longquan Headquarters Economic Zone, Balizhuang and Erxianqiao Creative Business Zone, Zhaojue Monastery Cultural Tourism Business Zone and North Lake Panda International tourist zone, to build modern industrial system, which embraces modern trade and business, modern business service, emerging real estate, E-commerce, cultural creative industry and urban tourism industry. Chenghua District’s development planning integrates the industrial development with urban construction.Li Wuwei, Chinese well-known economist, highly appreciated Chenghua District’s development planning. He revealed that Chenghua case will be incorporated into his research subject.

Due to promote the construction of the Revitalization of Project of North Chengdu, Chenghua District is expected to carry out more than 480 projects, achieve over RMB 4.1 billion of total social fixed assets investment, introduce over 30 significant industrial projects, utilize over USD 1 billion of foreign investment and over RMB 30 billion from other provinces' investment.

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