Chengdu Science City: An Emerging Hi-tech Innovation Zone

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu Science City (CSC), located on the picturesque shores of Xinglong Lake, is 31 kilometers away from Tianfu Square, a landmark of central Chengdu, capital of western China’s Sichuan Province.
According to statistics, so far, about 80 major companies and enterprises have reached agreements with CSC on establishing their branches here, and the R & D centers of China Railway Track Systems Group Co., Ltd., and Power Construction Corporation of China, have been brought under construction in the City.
A Powerful Driver of Chengdu's Economic and Social Growth
The Chengdu city government announced at the end of 2016 that it will facilitate the construction of Tianfu New Area and rehabilitation of the old urban areas in downtown Chengdu, in hopes of making the city a metropolis with global influence as early as it can.
Being the core area of a new Chengdu, CSC has further optimized the urban programming and industrial development plan of its 25-square kilometer surrounding areas which are brought under initial construction inside the Tianfu New Area. And it is accelerating its urban, ecological and rail transit planning involving the surrounding 48 kilometers. By far, the rapid transit system covering 3 horizontal and 3 vertical expressways has taken shape. Offering great convenience, it leads to the downtown of Chengdu, Longquanyi and Shuangliu districts, as well as Meishan City.
A New City Emerging from Wild Land
"CSC's land for ecological purpose accounts for one third of its total area under planning," said an official from the City. He revealed that the Xinglong Lake ecological zone occupying a water area of around 300 hectares, and the two greenbelts along the Jinjiang River and Luxi River which run through the City have remarkably improved the local natural environment. In the beautiful City nestled among green hills which are carved by clear waters, people tired of urban hustle and bustle can enjoy a happy and peaceful pastoral life they always pursue.
The construction of the subway stations on the extension of Chengdu Metro Line 1 are now in full swing. With well-established infrastructure and public facilities, CSC is like a great talent magnet attracting more and more gifted people.
Now it is foreseeable that the future of CSC, an emerging new city, will become brighter and more beautiful.
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