Bike Sharing - A New Way of Life

Authors: Faye Cui


Dockless bike sharing is especially convenient for one-way trips, since it only requires a smart phone to use.
Student, from Thailand
I started to use the bike app in January 2017, four or five times a week. Mobike is my favorite since it offers a large number of bikes and is easy to find.
The advantage of bike sharing is that it's convenient; you don't need to worry about parking or about it being stolen. I ride a bike in Thailand, but not as much as I do in China, because the weather is hotter in Thailand. In addition, people drive on the left in Thailand and on the right in China, so I have to get used to different driving habits. I sometimes ride a bike to the bus station after school, if I'm in a hurry.
We are now living in a world where everything is convenient, including bike riding. You used to have to take care where you park your own bike, and make sure to lock it. However, some less responsible people park the shared bikes absent-mindedly and do not take care of them. I think it's important for them to understand that shared bikes should be parked in appropriate places, too.
A Staff Member from an IT Company in Chengdu
I started to use shared bikes toward the end of last year, about once or twice a week. My favorite is Mobike, which is quite convenient. Now I've basically stopped wanting to drive, which increases the number of places I can go to. Whenever I don't want to drive, and the destination is too far to walk to, I can ride a bike.
Media Worker, from Chengdu
My friends in Beijing and Shanghai have been showing off their shared bikes for weekend outings for a while. I thought it was very cool, so I registered right away when bike sharing began in Chengdu late last year.
I've used Yibu and Mobike. Now I bike share whenever one is available. I take a bus or drive my own car much less than before and now ride at least 7 times a week. My total mileage in Mobike is over 100 km.
You always need to find a parking place if you're driving, and buses can only follow their routes. Bike sharing makes life more convenient, and I feel refreshed at the end of every ride. Sometimes there's only one bike left, and it can be pretty exciting to try and grab it before anyone else does.
Currently, bicycle paths are rare in the city, leading many riders to ride on the motorway and sidewalk, which can be very dangerous. I hope that all people, driving, riding or walking, can abide by traffic rules. Remember that going against traffic can be very dangerous!
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