Authors: Faye Cui


As of the end of 2014, there has been a total of 25,000 foreign residents in Chengdu. They are not here as tourists or transit passengers, but as residents. They come here and decide to stay. Some of them come here alone, while others move to Chengdu with their families. They embrace a different culture, beginning their brand-new work, study and life. In an unfamiliar environment, foreigners can get a sense of belonging once they find a place to live, just like a seed taking its root. This is the meaning of settling down - you not only find a roof and but also a safe harbor. This time, HC goes into the homes of six foreign friends in Chengdu, and we discovered that they all enjoy their life here very much. Wherever they come from, whatever they do here, they have already developed an emotional connection with this city, similar to that of the local people.
Apartment - the Pivot of A Family
Because of job transfer, Stewart, along with his wife Patricia, daughter Hannah and son Kyle, left Indonesia, where they had lived for a couple of years, came to Chengdu, China. They also took away a rattan plaited chair, 2 handcraft dolls and their cat Elwood from their old house in Indonesia. Thus, a family of four arrived in Chengdu with their cat, settled at a service apartment-Ascott Raffles City Chengdu, and began their new life.
They originally come from Scotland, from a city where the traffic is not too busy. And the port in Indonesia where they last stayed is a quiet place. In contrast, Chengdu is very lively, and is even a bit noisy. But they get used to it pretty fast. Eight months have passed. Now, Stewart is busy with work; Patricia takes care of the house; Hannah goes to a middle school; and Kyle becomes a college student - everything is in order. Even the cat finds its paradise - a big balcony hanging above the city is its favorite. The convenience of this service apartment and the efforts made by the family members quickly built a new home there.
Now, the family is still in the process of discovering Chengdu. Stewart is very interested in Chengdu's food and he normally chooses a Sichuan restaurant when eating out. Hannah is fond of taking pictures. She would bring her camera,go down to the streets to capture everything that features Chinese-style. Tall and pretty as she is, she herself becomes the target of Chengdu natives to take photos with. When they are at home, Stewart would like to drink some wine; Patricia makes tea; and Hannah bakes in the kitchen - what a harmonious and happy picture.
There are already a number of foreign families like this in Chengdu. They come to Chengdu to work, study, and build a life. Each member finds their own support in this place. Most importantly, they are always together with their family. And they are just like millions of Chengdu families.
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