Antonio Wehrli's Structurism Artworks

Authors: Go Chengdu


Antonio Wehrli is a famous artist from Switzerland.
About the Artist
Antonio Wehrli is a famous artist from Switzerland. After a few successful shows in his home country, he found himself following the sun, discovering over 50 countries, working as a photographer, artist and art director, and collecting valuable insights, experiences and impressions. Having travelled many parts of China and the world, Antonio settled in Chengdu in 2011 to dedicate his life to the creation of artworks in a new style that he calls "Structursim" that consists of diverse, sometimes very thick structures that are sharply cut by other structures.

Landscapes of Sichuan
Most works in this series are inspired by traditional Chinese ink art. Some have but a Chinese touch of temples, pagodas and monasteries, others are dreamscapes of flying mountains like in the old masterpieces.

Living in "Lotus-Moonlight-Pond, Chengdu", Antonio felt compelled to paint lotus flowers. Executed in his signature style "Structurism" those artworks have gained a lot of recognition in a very short time. With the exception of a cork heart of the flowers, everything is created purely in oil colors.

China's national treasure
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