American Couple: Deep Affection for Dogs

Authors: Go Chengdu


In September 2015, Kelsey and her husband Rocco started their life in Chengdu, along with them flying from the US are two dogs who have accompanied the couple for six years, Mattingly and Moose.
Traveling around the World with Dogs
Kelsey now lives near Meizhou Garden, Chengdu. It takes less than five minutes to her office, so she would walk the dogs twice a day, in the morning and at noon. When still living in the US, the couple often took the dogson roadtrips. On ordinary days, they went to some parks which are a little far away from home for a walk. On weekends, they had a short road trip, during which the dogs, like children in the backseat, were enjoying the breeze flowing and the scenery on the way.
"It is not as difficult as you imagined to travel with dogs. You just need to make plans in advance, grasp road condition and check whether the hotel allows pets, and prepare enough dog food and water. We have taken our dogs to many places, and found places that allow pets in are more than what we thought, though mostly it is specific to small dogs." People would get reluctant to approach unfamiliar medium-sized dogs, so it's important to get a leash for the dogs. It's the first step to building trust between strangers and strange dogs. Kelsey walks her dogs in familiar areas now in Chengdu, which allows the dogs to play as they like. Her husband Rocco is in charge of exercising the dogs and teaching them some awesome skills. And the dogs play rather wild when Rocco is with them.
During the interview, Moose and Mattingly relieved themselves successively on the grassland. Immediately, Kelsey drew out a plastic bag, wrapped the poop up, and threw into the trashcan in a skilled manner. In many western countries, special nature-friendly paper bags are available in parks. In China, however, "No Dogs" are issued among tons of parks for reasons like the dogs relieve themselves everywhere. When discussing this, Kelsey said, "In New York and Boston, a fine of USD 200 is necessary if a dog owner does not handle the dog's poop when he/she walk his/her dogs. Rather than ban walking dog in parks, it's better to develop dog keepers' habits and qualities."
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