Norbert Antosik: I Want to Help More International Talents Work in Chengdu

Authors: Li Gen


In the hustling and bustling Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, the crowded buildings see those young entrepreneurs go in and out always in a hurry every day. Among them, a foreigner is quite noticeable, whose goal is helping international talents find suitable jobs in China. His name is Norbert Antosik, founder of
Norbert revealed that, so far, the platform with 3,000 cooperative companies, has reserved the information on over 100,000 international talents. Through their monthly networking events, they share their experiences to help people find employment in Chengdu. "Our clients include such well-known multinationals as, Huawei, Bayer and Daimler. For a start-up company, we are very proud to have made such progress." Norbert expressed that his company is about to launch a new, improved 2.0 version of the platform. It is planning to expand its business even further in other cities in China, and Shanghai is its next destination.
In Norbert's free time, he always studies talent policies issued by big cities in China. "At present, there are more than 30,000 foreigners in Chengdu, and the city welcomes them with open arms." In his point of view, Chengdu outdoes most of its Chinese counterparts to attract foreign talents. "I strongly believe that I started my business in Chengdu at a right time."Norbert noted that there are many opportunities in the city since more and more foreign talents are coming here. "In Chengdu, I've harvested a lot not only from my career, but also from my personal life."
Norbert's Suggestions for Startups
"There're so many great companies and ideas out there in Chengdu. Starting a company is really challenging, and it is also difficult to do something new. Rather than just thinking what you could sell, it would be much better to think about what you could improve." Norbert said they had launched because they had a strong passion for operating a special website focusing on recruitment. "We want to solve a problem that many international talents and companies based in China face. After having solved the problem, I found that I could create a platform that is user-friendly and actually works in my own way!"
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