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Angela Chow, education director of Canadian Yuwen International Education Group, shared her 14-year life and work experience in Chengdu in an exclusive interview with
A New Start of Educational Career
It was in the year of 2002 when Angela Chow and her family arrived in Chengdu with her family and set up Yuwen Montessori Kindergarten in the totally new and unfamiliar city which, as they believed, would be a promising land for a new start for the family's vocational tradition — the family had been engaged in education for generations, since the launch of the Chinese government’s Go West strategy was to bring huge business opportunities.
Now, Canadian Yuwen International Education Group has two kindergartens in Chengdu and one in Mianyang City in northern Sichuan.
Fusion of Modern Teaching and Traditional Culture
Growing up in Taiwan, Angela has noticed a sharp difference between Chengdu and Taiwan in preschool education, “In Taiwan, education for kids doesn’t end in the classroom, and education in the family is even more important,” she observed, “the family and the school need to work together for best results.”
An important part of her work, she said, is to communicate with the parents of her students and to encourage them to play a better role in the growing process of their kids. “After all, parents are the first and best teacher for their kids.”
Angela hopes to combine the advanced international teaching ideas, based on her studying and teaching experience in preschool education from Taiwan, with local teaching methods to tailor a suitable method for children in the city.
She also pays attention to the learning of traditional Chinese culture. “We are all descendants of Chinese,” she said, “and it’s our duty to pass on our culture and tradition to generations to come.” The students in the kindergartens read Chinese classics which, as she believes, will teach the kids to appreciate, love and respect others.
Feel at Home
Angela still remembers the time when she just arrived in Chengdu. She was so impressed with the friendliness of people when they had learned she was from Taiwan. “I feel I were at my hometown,” she said.
“Chengdu is special compared with many other Chinese cities,” she said, “It is always ready to accept new things, though a landlocked city in western China. People welcome new things with such eagerness that they digest the latest knowledge as fast as possible. For example, when we tried to include the teaching of the Chinese classics in the curriculum — a ground-breaking practice back to 14 years ago — and to apply Montessori Teaching Method to our teaching, the parents accepted it with readiness, and they were voluntary advocates of the new approaches when they saw the change happened on their kids.”
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