Mayor of Horsens: I Hope to Cement Ties between Chengdu and My City

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On October 28, a forum on sponge city and comprehensive water management between Chengdu and Horsens, Denmark, took place in Chengdu.
Urban managers, experts and representatives in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection from both cities exchanged views on how to cope with challenges and find solutions to challenges facing the construction of sponge cities and water management. Mr. Peter Sorensen, mayor of Horsens, a sister city of Chengdu, talked about his impression of Chengdu and ways to facilitate the mutual ties between Chengdu and his city in a media interview.
"I hope after the construction of the Chengdu Horsens Primary School is completed, I could bring a Danish football team to Chengdu to play a friendly match with the city's team," said Mr. Sorense.
How to bring more educational resources of Denmark to Chengdu? How will Horsens partner with Chengdu in the construction of sponge cities and comprehensive water management? In what other areas can Chengdu and Denmark have further cooperation? Mr. Sorensen gave his answers to the questions in detail.
Possible Collaboration between VIA University College and Chengdu
It takes less than 5 minutes to drive from the construction site of the Chengdu Horsens Kindergarten to that of the Chengdu Horsens Primary School. One year later, Danish-style buildings will spring up in the area and models of modern Danish education will be introduced here. "We are very glad to see everything is going well as planned and even beyond our expectation, " said Mr. Sorensen.
"I hope the school can provide the best Danish educational resources for Chengdu residents. In the future, if the primary school and kindergarten can establish a long-term educational training program with the VIA University College in Denmark, I believe the Danish educational models can better fit into the education in Chengdu." Mr. Sorensen said exchange of visits is a good start of the mutual cooperation in education between the two cities.
Chengdu to be Invited to Set up Trade Promotion Office in Horsens
Talking about how to strengthen the relationship between Chengdu and Horsens, Mr. Sorensen said Horsens has set up a trade promotion office in Chengdu, and he expressed the hope that Chengdu could establish such an office in Horsens in the future. "I think the two sides can further cooperation in green technology, wind power and central heating, education and environmental protection. "
Chengduers are Welcome to Horsens
"With fast-growing economy and well-established infrastructure, Chengdu has achieved remarkable progress in green growth and balanced development in economic growth and environmental protection. "
"I know the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, the second airport in the city, is now under construction. I believe it will accelerate the two sides' cooperation in tourism. I hope the Billund Airport in Denmark can cooperate with the Chengdu airports, which will boost the exchanges between the two cities." In Mr. Sorensen's eyes, it would be very nice to travel to Chengdu in autumn. He hopes to recommend Chengdu to more Danish people. "I plan to bring my wife and 2 daughters to Chengdu for vacation next year."
In addition, Mr. Sorensen mentioned the European Cultural Festival will take place in Horsens next year, with over 1000 activities to be held. "I expect more Chengdu people to visit Horsens in spring and summer to enjoy the Danish culture."

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Horsens (Denmark)

Sister City since August 5th, 2013

Jul 02, 2014

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