Walmart to Open Two More Stores in Chengdu This Year

Authors: Go Chengdu


Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, announced May 25 to open, as planned, six more shopping malls in Sichuan, including two in Chengdu in 2017, and to add its retail stores in the city to 7 by 2020.
The two Walmart shopping malls to open in the city in this year's second half will be located at Jinjiang District's Sansheng Village and Pidu District's Hongguang Town, respectively. Meanwhile, to cater to the growing needs of online shoppers, Walmart's flagship store has been listed as a retailer on, one of the largest online shopping platforms in China.
Up to now, all Walmart chain stores in Chengdu have been renovated with focus on optimizing its commodity display. Since 2014, the company has spent RMB86 million on store renovation.
"Walmart, with a sound momentum of growth in Sichuan, always attaches great value to the Chengdu market. "Being optimistic about Sichuan's economic and social development, Walmart will open more stores here, upgrade its shopping environment and services, as well as improve its shopper experience and convenience," said Wu Cong, Executive Director of Walmart's western China operations.

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