Subsidies for Start-ups in CDHT

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT) will subsidize key staff with well-known companies in starting business and other entrepreneurs in the Zone.
On November 28, CDHT published policies to facilitate the mobile Internet industry, encouraging companies outside of the Zone to establish new business and entrepreneurs to start up in the Zone. According to the policies, existing mobile Internet companies inside the Zone will get support to grow bigger and stronger.
CDHT had attracted 505 companies and 25,000 employees involving the mobile Internet industry by the end of 2013. Its total revenue from the industry reached RMB13billion (approx. US$2.10 billion) in 2013.
Companies outside the Zone are Encouraged to Make Presence in CDHT
CDHT will subsidize newly-established mobile Internet companies and offer subsidies to their technical and management staff.
Companies in different types and at different scales will get different subsidies.
Key Staff with Famous Companies are Encouraged to Start Their Businesses
Key staff with famous mobile Internet companies,who first set up their businesses inside the Zone, will be exempted from housing rent or be offered a housing subsidy for three years, which is less than RMB40 (approx. US$6.45)per square meter for a maximum area of 500 square meters.
In addition, CDHT will offer subsidies for key staff with famous mobile Internet companies who first make business presence in the Zone.
Small & micro companies with market potential, high credibility and having obtained orders in CDHT will be offered guarantee for financing.
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