Sichuan Launches New Work Permit System for Foreigners

Authors: Go Chengdu


Sichuan Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SPAFEA) issued April 5 a public notice that the new work permit system for expats had come into effect starting from April 1, in accordance with a unified national plan.
The human resources and social security bureaus or foreign experts affairs bureaus of the provinces' cities (autonomous prefectures)are now responsible for administrative examination and approval proceedings regarding the work permit. All applications for the permit shall be made to them.
With one lifelong code for one person, the work permit is a legal authorization for foreigners to work legally in China. Employment and credit histories of all holders of the permit will be recorded dynamically. Before the execution of the new system, expats seeking employment in China had to apply for two permits, the Alien Employment Permit for Foreigners and Foreign Expert Work Permit. From October 2016 to March 2017, Sichuan, as one of the pilot provinces, brought the new system into effect on a trial basis.
According to SPAFEA, during the transitional period between April 1 and June 30, both the website, the online service system for foreigners applying for working in China, and its new trial version, offer services involving application, handling, as well as administrative examination and approval for foreigners applying for working in the country. The new version will deal with all relevant proceedings starting from July 1.
All alien employment permits for foreigners and foreign expert work permits which had been issued legally, and work permits (hard copy) issued during the pilot period before they expire, remain valid. All bearers of the permits can apply for recertification after July 1.
Service center for foreigners applying for a work permit in Chengdu
Add: Windows 11-14, Floor 3, Chengdu Exit & Entry Service Center, 2 Ringmin Road West,Qingyang District
Tel: 028-62377790

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