CDHT Launches New Policies to Promote Building Economy

Authors: Go Chengdu


On November 18, the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT) published 12 new polices to facilitate the development of leading industries by using building resources and improving service quality of buildings in the zone.
According to the new policies, CDHT encourages property developers to construct specialty office buildings, and each of the building owners can get a maximum subsidy of RMB5million (approx. US$806,450).
According to the policies, intermediary agencies and social capital are encouraged to integrate and acquire buildings for retail sale to put them into overall and comprehensive operation.
In addition, according to the policies, the CDHT will establish public services platforms to encourage innovative value-added services. Any owner of an office building who has voluntarily set up a comprehensive services station inside the building, and worked closely with relevant departments to attract tenants, and collect and submit statistical information, can get a maximum subsidy of RMB300,000 (approx.US$48,390) every year. And any association of leading industries or federation of enterprises which has established a public services platform and performed specific work, can get a maximum special subsidy of RMB500,000 (approx.US$80,645) for every program.
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