Special Funds Facilitate Chengdu Talent Program

Authors: Go Chengdu


The government set up a fund totaling RMB120 million for the Chengdu Talent Program.
Starting from 2009, the Chengdu city government has carried out a talent program to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and attract about 1000 top talented people to start up business in the city within the next 5 to 10 years, among whom over 50 from overseas for the national “Thousand Talents Program” and over 100 for the provincial "Hundred Talents Program." Specifically, the government set up a fund totaling RMB120 million for the Chengdu Talent Program. Every talent included into the Program will be granted RMB500,000 and any startup team selected as the Elite Entrepreneurship and Innovation Team RMB5 million of subsidy. 
By the end of 2013, Chengdu had attracted 184 high-level professionals and 10 elite entrepreneurship and innovation teams. The professionals had obtained 566 patents, which created a sales revenue amounting to RMB37.82 billion, a tax income of RMB3.46 billion and a foreign exchange revenue of $43.275 million in 2013. The talents mainly focus on the areas of biological medicine, electronic information, new energy, new materials, and other key industries in the city.
Biological Medicine Industry
Over the recent years Chengdu has been making great efforts to attract top personnel of the biological medicine industry, one of the strategic emerging industries of the city, throughout the world. On the new list of the people and teams selected into the Chengdu Talent Program, those specializing in the bio-pharmacy sector account for over 40% (29 people and two teams), which shows the city’s optimization of the industry and its broad prospects of development.
The Di’ao Group Chengdu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has introduced over 30 innovative talents from home and abroad according to relevant policies, among whom 5 are selected into the Chengdu Talent Program. With the top personnel who are devoted themselves to the R & D, and modernization and internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine products, Di’ao has become the first Chinese TCM company obtaining EU-GMP certification in the Netherlands.
Manufacturing Industry
A project team from the IAT (China) Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was selected into the Chengdu Talent Program. It focuses on the design and R & D of new energy vehicles and has developed several full electric vehicles for the First Auto Work, Beijing Automobile Group and Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd.
Energy Industry
A team headed by Dr. Shan Hongqing, an expert included into the national Thousand Talents Program, provincial Hundred Talents Program and "Chengdu Talent Program"who is working with the Hanergy Holding Group Limited, has made major technological breakthroughs, enabling the company to become the world’s largest thin-film photovoltaic cells manufacturer.
On the latest list of the Chengdu Talent Program, there are 10 personnel and 1 team engaged in the new energy and new materials industry, accounting for 14% and 20% of the total, respectively.
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