City Turns to Silicon Valley for Top IT Talent

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone launched the first overseas tour for its Tianfu Talent Recruitment Program in Silicon Valley recently, according to official sources from the Zone.
Five companies including Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., ThoughtWorks, Pinguo Technology Co., Ltd., Idealens Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Skymoons Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. attracted over 200 IT professionals to the fair. The program organized by the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone's Management Committee, with an annual attendance of about 100,000 professionals from all over China, brings in around 8,000 IT people for local companies.
Next, the Zone will recruit top hi-tech personnel in South Korea, North America, Europe and other countries in Asia.

Sun Zhuli Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

The Sun Zhuli Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition to commemorate the 110th anniversary of his birth is being staged at Chengdu Yongling Museum, displaying over 150 pieces of exhibits including more than 60 pieces of excellent works by Sun Zhuli.

Oct 17, 2016

Umbria Jazz Music Week in Chengdu

The Umbria Jazz Music Week in Chengdu is being staged in the city, offering 62 performances by 8 groups with a total of 66 musicians from Italy at the Eastern Suburb Memory (the main venue of the event) and some other places across the city, including the Tianfu Square, West Village, Wide & Narrow Alleys, Southern Suburb Park, and Chunxi Road, etc.

Oct 18, 2016

96% "Home in Chengdu" Survey Respondents Enjoy Living in Chengdu

96% feel comfortable and convenient living in the city, 95% express their love for the city, and 91% think that Chengdu people are friendly according to the survey.

Oct 19, 2016

Switzerland to Establish Consulate General in Chengdu

The Swiss Confederation will establish a consulate general in Chengdu in November.

Oct 25, 2016

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