City’s Express Deliveries Rank 7th Nationwide

Authors: Go Chengdu


On Nov. 24, the Chengdu Municipal Postal Administration (CMPA) published a report on the city’s operation of the express delivery industry during the “Double 11” online shopping festival.
The report shows that the city’s 14 express delivery companies handled a total of over 65 million deliveries, a year-on-year increase of about 50%, which ranked 7th nationwide.
“According to the statistics of Nov.10-Nov.19, the 14 companies dealt with nearly 2.16 million deliveries every day, tripling the previous daily volume,” said an official with the CMPA. “Most of the goods were delivered timely during the “Double 11” online shopping festival. It shows that the city’s express delivery business can cope well with the peak period of the industry.”
Local E-commerce Sector Sees Explosive Development
Statistics show that Chengdu’s online retail sales during the “Double 11” online shopping festival ranked 6th nationwide, with its Shuangliu and Pixian counties holding the 5th and 10th place respectively among all county-level cities across China.
An official with the CMPA said that the local e-commence industry is developing fast with the online retail sales growing drastically.

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