Chengdu Strives to Become Int’l Aviation Hub

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On April 12, 2014, CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) released a communique regarding the statistical productivity of china’s airports in 2013, publishing the business data including passenger traffic and cargo throughput in 2013. The statistics show the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport ranked fourth in the country and Chengdu is praised as the “Fourth Aviation City in China.”
Keep increasing international routes
With an ever increasing number of international routes, Chengdu has preliminarily built an international flight network.
In 2013, the Shuangliu International Airport successively opened eight international routes to cities including Melbourne, Frankfurt, London and Doha, which caught the attention of the world. Taking the opportunity of successfully hosting the Routes Asia 2012, the airport has been further expanding the aviation market, doubling its number of international routes from 39 in 2010 to 72 in 2013.
In early 2014, the flight from Abu Dhabi to Chengdu was increased from the original five per week to daily and that from Rangoon to Chengdu was open on March 30. Starting from May 6, the London-Chengdu flight is operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliner and increased to five per week.
From June 11, Chengdu opened a non-stop flight to San Francisco. This is the first direct flight to the United States in central and western China and Chengdu becomes the third city in the Chinese mainland to open flight to the US.
Development of aircraft manufacturing industry
P & W., one of the world’s three major aircraft engine manufacturers, expanded Chengdu production center
As of November 7, 2012, the US-headquartered Pratt & Whitney Group (P & W), one of the world's three largest aircraft engine manufacturers, completed the expansion of Chengdu Aerotech Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2010 it was moved to the Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The total area of the new production center is double that of the previous one. After being put into use, the new site’s production capacity doubles and the high precision commercial aircraft engine components made by it are used in the new generation of aircraft, which will strongly boost the Chengdu’s aerospace industry.
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Chengdu-Bali Direct Flight Expected to Open This Year

Wisnu Edi Pratignyo, an envoy at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in China revealed that the direct route between Chengdu and Bali is scheduled to open within the year if everything goes well.

Jun 09, 2014

Chengdu-San Francisco Direct Flight Open

The Chengdu-San Francisco nonstop flight was put into service on June 11.

Aug 01, 2014

More travelers flying overseas from Chengdu

An increasing number of people are taking international flights from Chengdu as the city seeks a more global presence. Latest data from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport show that the passenger load for flights from Chengdu to London and Amsterdam stayed beyond 90 percent from Jan 1 to 10.

Jul 01, 2014

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