Chengdu Ito Yokado Chairman to Become Group President

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Saegusa Tomihiro, head of Ito-Yokado’s China operations and chairman of Chengdu Ito Yokado, was appointed as the president of Ito Yokado Group and head of China operations.
On February 6, Chengdu Ito Yokado announced at a press conference that Saegusa Tomihiro, head of Ito-Yokado's China operations and chairman of Chengdu Ito Yokado, had been appointed as the president of Ito Yokado Group and head of China operations. Mr. Tomihiro will take his new post starting from March 1 to be in charge of the Group's global business.
Having lived and worked in Chengdu for 20 years, as an honorary citizen of the city of Chengdu, Mr. Tomihiro expressed that he would bring what he had learned in Chengdu back to Japan and serve better the Ito Yokado Group.
Mr. Tomihiro was dispatched to work at Ito Yokado's Chunxi store in Chengdu in 1997. During the past 20 years, he witnessed the city's rapid development in the retail sector. "The Chengdu market changes so fast, which is greatly different from the market of Japan," said Mr. Tomihiro, adding that "doing retail business in the city, you have to take the initiative to innovate and change, otherwise you will be weeded out of the market soon."
Ito Yokado's presence in Chengdu has brought about dramatic change to the city's retail sector. It is the first self-service supermarket in Chengdu, and first offered an open-shelf display of goods and launched brand-new modes of sales. It took the lead to promote the service philosophy "customer first" in Chengdu, improving significantly the level of service of the city's retail sector.
The Ito Yokado Shuangnan store achieved outstanding performance in the second year of opening and kept topping all outlets of the Group in terms of total sales and revenue for several years.
In 2016, the gross revenue of Ito Yokado Beijing and Chengdu stores was RMB8 billion, accounting for 10% of the Group's total, most of which was from that of Chengdu store.
Having been in Chengdu for 20 years, Mr. Tomihiro often calls himself a Chengduer and regards the city as his second hometown.
In 2015, Mr. Tomihiro was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Chengdu by the city government. He was the one and only businessman winning the title.
As a leader of a Fortune Global 500 company who has lived in Chengdu for a long time, Mr. Tomihiro always says he is very grateful for the city and hopes to make more contributions to it in his new position. He expresses that after becoming the president of Ito Yokado Group, he would offer more support for the city in manpower, material resources and information.
In Mr. Tomihiro's view, Chengdu is a very inclusive and open city. The people here are always ready to accept new things. In the future, with more diversified cultures, the city will provide much more commodities and development opportunities for the people.

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