World’s First New Energy Elevated Monorail Put into Trial Operation in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


With an intellectual copy right completely owned by China, the new rail transit system is expected to put into commercial operation as early as next year.
The first elevated monorail in China is powered by lithium batteries and the test route was 1.4km long with a U shape. Made up of two carriages, the train for the test is panda faced and ran 10000 kilometers during the trial.
It only took more than half a year for 7 Chinese companies, enterprises and research institute to design, manufacture and put the train into operation on a trial basis. The new energy train is environmentally-friendly and easy to operate. With the maximum capacity of 20,000 people, it will be put into operation within a year.

Chengdu Metro Line 3 Opens

At 08:26 on July 31, with the departure of the train named Panda, the first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 3 officially opened.

Oct 19, 2016

City transforms railway industry

Chengdu, a mega city in western China, is making huge strides in transforming itself into a world-class rail transit center.

Jun 14, 2016

CSR Builds Chengdu Rail Transit Industrial Park

The groundbreaking ceremony for the establishment of CSR Chengdu Rail Transit Industrial Park was held on February 28 in Xindu District in northern Chengdu.

Mar 02, 2015

Chengdu rail firm upbeat about role in Belt and Road

As the Belt and Road Initiative is pushed forward, rail transit companies in Chengdu, one of the country’s most important rail transit hubs in western China, are seeking to work more closely with countries along the route.

Jun 10, 2016

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