Spatial Scope of Tianfu Int’l Airport Economic Zone Defined

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With a planned area totaling 298 sq. km, the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Economic Zone covers 199 sq. km in Chengdu and 99 sq. km in Ziyang.
The spatial scope of the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Economic Zone was announced in recent days. With a planned area totaling 298 sq. km, the zone covers 199 sq. km in Chengdu and 99 sq. km in Ziyang.
The Sichuan Provincial People's Government released an outline about the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Economic Zone recently, explicitly stating that the zone is positioned as a national-level international aviation hub and an airport economic development demonstration zone in inland China, as well as an important innovation and entrepreneurship base and a major modern airport city in western China.
To forge the airport a new driver of Sichuan's economic growth, the outline indicates that the zone will focus on such sectors involving airport service, aviation logistics, aviation R & D, airport manufacturing and airport comprehensive service. By 2020, a well-functioning area of 35 sq. km will be built, and by 2030, the entire zone will be finished fundamentally.
Total Area of the Zone: 298 sq. km
According to the outline, the airport economic zone, covering 298 sq. km, consists of 9 towns with a total area of 199 sq. km in Chengdu and some parts of 3 towns with 99 sq. km in Ziyang.
A Rational Spatial Layout
The outline specifies that ecological areas where construction is prohibited shall be no less than 150 sq. km.
In line with the outline, with a planned area of 65 sq. km, the key areas for construction under the jurisdiction of Chengdu which are located in the west and north of the Tianfu International Airport, will focus primarily on aviation logistics, comprehensive bonded services, service guarantee, aviation manufacturing and aviation maintenance, and moderately on the headquarters economy, R & D and business service, in hopes of fostering well-functioning industrial clusters involving aviation service, aviation logistics, aviation R & D, as well as airport manufacturing.
The key areas for construction under the jurisdiction of Ziyang is located in the west and north of Ziyang's central downtown. With a planned area of 35 sq. km, it will focus largely on the sectors involving airport manufacturing, high-end business, and travel & vacation, to shape such industrial clusters featuring airport manufacturing and airport comprehensive service.
Conveniently Accessible by All Modes of Transportation
A comprehensive well-developed 3-dimensional network involving air, road, rail and water traffic will be built in and around the zone.
Targets to be Achieved in the Near & Long Terms
In the near term (by 2020), all traffic infrastructure, and facilities for port logistics and business services will be completed and all functional industrial clusters will take an initial shape. In the long term (by 2030), the entire zone will be fundamentally finished with top infrastructure and public service facilities, an increasingly growing pool of talented people, cutting-edge technology, capital and information. And it will also be shaped to be a key international exchange center in China.
Pillar Industries: Advanced Manufacturing and Modern Service
Highly value-added advanced manufacturing, knowledge and capital-intensive modern service sector, as well as top-end agriculture will be pillar industries of the zone, which prioritizes professional industrial parks for the sectors in electronic information, smart instrument and aviation manufacturing.
As for the airport service industry, the zone will make full use of its advantages, and develop the industrial clusters of aviation logistics, aviation service, comprehensive bonded service and business service. Aimed to become a vital center of international exchange and service in central and western China, it will create an international environment for living and doing business.
In addition, the zone will develop vigorously high-end agriculture and distinctive agricultural products with high added value, centering on needs of the top-end market in Europe and the Middle East. It will motivate application of new technology and new agricultural trials, encourage farm produce processing companies to upgrade their products according to standards for aviation food, and actively promote Internet+ agriculture and speed up developing smart agriculture.
To Launch More International Air Routes
Greater efforts will be made to increase the number and frequency of international air routes to Europe, Central Asia, Western Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. The zone will be built as an important gateway to western China and a major platform for top-level partnership between western China and EU and countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.
Moreover, the zone will work more closely and actively with European and American countries in the areas of industrial transfer and hi-tech innovation, enhance the cooperation with the countries along the "Belt and Road" in energy and resources, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, aerospace and engineering construction, energetically develop the service and trade industries, and collaborate more with ASEAN and South Asian countries in improving international productivity, and with Japan, South Korea and Australia in electronic information and agriculture.

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