Sino-US Global Innovation Center to be Located in Jingrong Town

Authors: Go Chengdu


A Sino-US summit forum on hi-tech innovation and inauguration ceremony for the western China center of a China-US global innovation center were launched on December 17, in Jingrong Town, Pixian County.
Distinguished guests of different fields exchanged views and shared in-depth information about cooperation in innovative technology between China and the US.
The forum was aimed at promoting hi-level communication in hi-tech innovation and entrepreneurship between the two countries. The global innovation center's western China center is engaged in international technology transfer and transaction, and development of an incubator, a hi-tech zone, a college and a fund, all of which focus on innovation and entrepreneurship between China and the US. In addition, the center, to partner with institutes and companies in the US, the UK, Germany, Israel, South Korea and Japan, will establish platforms for international technology transfer and transaction, international technology conventions and shows, as well as release of international technology standards.

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