Sichuan, Trentino Forge Relations of Friendly Cooperation

Authors: Go Chengdu


On Mar. 20th-23rd, a delegation led by governor of Trentino, an autonomous province in Italy, paid a visit to Sichuan.
On 21st, Sichuan and Trentino signed a memorandum on strengthening friendly cooperation to further the mutual partnership in politics, business and trade, science, education and culture.
Located in the northernmost part of Italy, an important developed country in South Europe, Trentino, bordering Austria, is a natural hub to connect central Europe and Mediterranean areas. Owning independent executive, legislative and financial authority, Trentino is the province with the highest per capita GDP in Italy. Its pillar sectors include machinery, chemical engineering, textile industry, as well leather and food processing. It tops Europe in terms of hi-tech industry, environmental protection and tourism.
At a business meeting between Trentino and Sichuan, the delegation exchanged in depth views and signed agreements with its Sichuan counterparts on potential cooperation in machinery, green technology, agriculture and sideline products, tourism, education and research.

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