Official Book Tells Untold Stories of the Giant Panda

Authors: ChinaDaily


It took 12 years for the editors to complete the 820,000-word book.
A century and a half after French zoologist Armand David became the first European to discover the giant panda, an officially-compiled chronicle on the mammal has been published to help improve comprehensive knowledge of the species. The book is China's first complete sourcebook on the species, according to the Sichuan provincial local gazetteer office, the publisher.
china's first sourcebook on giant pandas
The giant panda, that lives mainly in Southwest China's Sichuan province as well as neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu, is China's national treasure, cherished as a symbol of peace and friendship. As the main habitat of giant pandas, Sichuan naturally shoulders the responsibility to make a detailed document on them, according to the publisher.
Besides archival research, panda experts who contributed to the chronicle have carried out extensive field research in cities and counties in Sichuan, including Ya'an, Baoxing and Tianxing. They have made abundant collections of historical data by interviewing witnesses to important events involving the giant pandas.
china's first sourcebook on giant pandaschina's first sourcebook on giant pandas
It took 12 years for the editors to complete the 820,000-word book. The events chronicled in the book date between the end of the Neolithic period to 2005, mainly focusing on the period from 1950 to 2005.
The book chronicles elaborate details on China's native bear. According to the publisher, it records the origin, population and distribution patterns of the giant panda, as well as food crises they have gone through and rescue, and this will provide China and the world with references for wildlife protection and management.

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