Lush Greenway Set to Blossom as Urban Eco Marvel

Authors: China Daily


Moscow is known as the "green capital" for its abundant and growing forested areas. Chengdu, a city in southwestern China with a population of 20 million, is embarking on a similar extraordinary journey.
The benefits flowing from the city's enhanced ecological system should cascade down to and promote many other aspects of Chengdu: from its culture and unique cuisine and its tourism to major sporting and musical events. Even the agricultural landscape stands to benefit, Li said.
In June, a test path of Jinjiang Greenway, about 400 m long, was open to the public. It offers visitors a compelling recreational experience with leisure seats, fitness facilities, railings with engraved pictures and cultural walls.
Smart light poles, equipped with various functions such as WIFI, security cameras and USB interfaces, are laced along the path.
The greenway's designers have also tried to give the city's residents more convenient access to shopping and relaxation through intelligent shopping stalls and culture-themed stores.
According to an official, the Jinjiang Greenway is designed for four groups of people: local citizens, new settlers, business people and tourists - both domestic and international. It will create tourism attractions with a historical flavor and innovative design.
The Jinjiang Greenway will connect the local delicacies of Chengdu's gourmet bazaars with evening and night tourist walkways, which will have rest spots and public spaces with scenic views enhanced by a hi-tech lighting system.
There are expectations of a Jinjiang River Night Tour becoming a new tourist draw for the city. The official said that the greenway will introduce people to great places to go and new experiences to enjoy, from gastronic delights to unique accommodation, shopping malls and entertainment facilities.
The official added that the Jinjiang Greenway will serve as a dynamic and livable riverside corridor integrating sustainable urban development with cultural spaces, exhibition facilities and homestay accommodation.
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