Lush Greenway Set to Blossom as Urban Eco Marvel

Authors: China Daily


Moscow is known as the "green capital" for its abundant and growing forested areas. Chengdu, a city in southwestern China with a population of 20 million, is embarking on a similar extraordinary journey.
It is embracing a bold and idyllic vision for a new urban future. Its Tianfu Greenway, at a total length of 16,900 kilometers, will be the longest green trail system in China.
The remarkable project is on schedule to be completed by 2035. It aims to transform the capital of Sichuan Province into a kind of civic garden of interconnected ecological zones, parks, small gardens and grasslands.
Lush Greenway Set to Blossom as Urban Eco Marvel
The Tianfu Greenway system project will be the "skeleton structure" of the city's ecological zones, defining its entire ecosystem.
The main body of the Tianfu Greenway, called the Jinjiang Greenway, is located along the Jinjiang River and has a planned length of 240 kilometers.
The north part of the Jinjiang Greenway will start from the celebrated Dujiangyan Irrigation System. The ancient flood control, irrigation and water supply system for the Chengdu Plain in Sichuan - originally constructed around 256 BC and still in use today - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist draw.
The Jinjiang Greenway will end at Huanglongxi, an ancient town to the south steeped in a 1,700 year history of its own.
Traveling along the route, people will be able to savor the landscapes of 10 different Chengdu counties.
The greenway is designed to link with the other greenways in the city, such as the Panda Greenway, featuring the giant panda as its theme, the Jincheng Greenway, to be built around the city's highway system, and seven more along the riverside.
The Tianfu Greenway will also showcase Longmen Mountain in western Chengdu and Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park, adding a more rustic tone to the the huge metropolitan garden.
"Tianfu Greenway will enhance the city's living standards in an holistic way," said Li Guo, senior engineer at the Chengdu Institute of Planning and Design and leader of the greenway program.
Sports facilities are also under construction. A series of sporting events, including an international marathon and a bicycle race, will be staged along the Tianfu Greenway this year.
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