Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition to Open in Chengdu

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The exhibition will offer visitors a dazzling audio-visual feast and fascinating immersive experience.
An Exhibition titled "Da Vinci in Chengdu" will be open to the public from July 10 to October 10 at Eastern Suburb Memory, Chengdu.
The event, launched by Italy's Leonardo da Vinci Museum, guided by Chengdu International Cultural Exchange Center, and co-organized by Chengdu Media Group and Beijing Great Wonders International Culture and Technology Co., Ltd., is aimed to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci's death. By using some advanced digital technologies, the exhibition will offer visitors a dazzling audio-visual feast and fascinating immersive experience. It provides an insight into not only the mind of the genius, but also into the fundamental scientific and artistic principles that he discovered.
In addition, a forum focusing on the development and application of new media, a painting competition and lectures on the aesthetics in Da Vinci's works will be held during the exhibition.
Oil Painting Area
In the area, visitors can appreciate high-definition images of 16 Da Vinci's oil paintings.
达芬奇 成都 光影体验达芬奇 成都 光影体验
Manuscript Area
It showcases about one hundred of Da Vinci's sketches which bring to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher.
达芬奇 成都 光影体验达芬奇 成都 光影体验
Machine Inventions Area
It is a showcase of more than 20 life-size machine inventions crafted by Italian artisans, based on Da Vinci's manuscripts, including aircraft, bombard, helicopter and paddle wheeler.
达芬奇 成都 光影体验达芬奇 成都 光影体验
5D Cinema
An animated film created by a well-known Italian director, which tells the story of how Da Vinci created the world-famous Mona Lisa, is showed in the cinema.
达芬奇 成都 光影体验达芬奇 成都 光影体验
Area for VR Experience
Visitors can explore the internal structures and mechanical principles of Da Vinci's machine inventions through a VR experience here.
达芬奇 成都光影体验达芬奇 成都光影体验
Mini 360 Degree Cinema
A 20-minute high-definition video is played in the cinema, to show the research achievements Da Vinci made in anatomy, weaponry, mechanical design and other fields.
达芬奇 成都光影体验达芬奇 成都光影体验
Hall of Immersive Viewing
Using laser projection and Dolby surround sound, the hall plays a 25-minute high-definition video showing Da Vinci's achievements in painting, science and technology, architecture, hydraulic engineering, medical science and machine invention.
达芬奇 成都光影体验达芬奇 成都光影体验
Space for Interactive Experience
Da Vinci's works are presented here using the state-of-the-art interaction technologies.
达芬奇 成都光影体验
Area for Photography
Visitors can take pictures in the area.
达芬奇 成都光影体验
Gallery for Face Changing in Sichuan Opera
The space demonstrates, using technical models and multimedia projection, different facial makeups of Sichuan Opera, an important artistic heritage of Chengdu's Tianfu Culture.
达芬奇 成都光影体验
Area for Tianfu Culture
Equipped with AI and interaction technologies, the area shows 16 cultural relics, which are representatives of the Tianfu Culture, and 14 embroidery products modeled on paintings of Zhang Daqian, one of the most internationally renowned Chinese artists.
达芬奇 成都光影体验达芬奇 成都光影体验
Souvenir Shop
There are more than 450 souvenirs in the shop, including some limited ones.
达芬奇 成都光影体验达芬奇 成都光影体验
Duration: July 10 through October 10 (10:00-22:00)
Venue: Eastern Suburb Memory (west gate)
Visitors can purchase tickets at the booths at the east gate and west gate of Eastern Suburb Memory.

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