Italian Catering Company AOB to Open 1st China Store in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


AOB, a catering and tourism group headquartered in Italy, will locate its first China restaurant in Chengdu, said the group’s president Angelo Bisconti at the Sichuan-Italy Gourmet Tourism Conference 2017 on March 7.
The Italian company engaged in the sectors involving catering art, hotel management, sightseeing and academic exchange is famous for its high-quality and delicate cuisine enriched with Italian culture. It now owns 6 direct-sale stores in Italy and offers various raw materials and products to 75 chain stores. "We hope to set up an exclusively-funded venture in Chengdu, based upon which we are going to establish and invest in over 1,000 direct-sale stores and franchisees within 8 years," said Mr. Bisconti.
In Mr. Bisconti's opinion, cuisine and culture is intimately associated. He hopes customers can have a better understanding of the Italian culture through his delicious food. To offer authentic Italian cuisine and a unique Italian ambience, the AOB Chengdu store will provide foreigners in the city and Chinese people going to Europe with professional services regarding travel, study, business investigation and medical care. "We aim to offer customized counseling services ranging from business investment to trifles like purchase of telephone cards," Mr. Bisconti said.

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