Mashav to Offer More Training Opportunities for Professionals in Southwest China

Authors: Go Chengdu


Recently, Dr. Moris Topaz, an internationally known plastic surgeon and specialist in plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, as well as reconstructive surgery from Israel, obtained China’s talent visa, the second of its kind issued by Chinese embassies since the implementation of China’s foreign talent visa system on January 1, 2018.
On January 25, as a major mentor of Mashav Program launched by the Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moris came to Chengdu again to share the achievements of the application of world's top wound-healing technique in Sichuan and the know-how on rapid healing of rotten wounds.
On the day, an event for Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation (Mashav), which, as part of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is in charge of international partnership through knowledge sharing and capacity building, was convened in Chengdu, with the attendance of more than 100 students and partners from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Chongqing. At the event, Mashav training programs to be launched in 2018 were announced. The sessions focus on education, agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship, emergency response, new energy, medical science, environmental protection and other fields.
According to Mr. Amir Lati, Consul General of the Consulate General of Israel in Chengdu, since the consulate general opened in November 2014, more than 20 training sessions have been conducted for over 1500 people.
2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Israel, and the Mashav Program made new progress in southwest China. In northwest Chengdu's Pengzhou, two agricultural experts from Israel shared their knowledge and technologies about fertilization as well as farm management and operation with hundreds of trainees.
At present, Mashav's training projects in the first half of 2018 have been released, covering a wide variety of fields including the application of new information technologies involving education. Mr. Lati said that the General Consulate of Israel in Chengdu had planned to expand its cooperation, through the Mashav Program, with Sichuan in other areas, including agriculture and poverty alleviation in 2018.
Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines have proposed to open air flights between Chengdu and Tel Aviv. "The launch of the direct service will undoubtedly promote the exchange and cooperation between southwest China and Israel," said Mr. Lati.
Mr. Lati added that in 2016, a government delegation from Sichuan signed an agreement with Israel, aiming to strengthen the mutual cooperation in technology, industrial R & D, as well as in the economic and business sectors.

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