Exhibition Featuring Shu Civilization to be Shown in Mexico

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On December 11 local time, an exhibition featuring the Chinese civilization of Shu, an ancient kingdom located in today’s Chengdu Plain, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, will be open at the National Museum of Cultures, Mexico City.
The exhibition, using AR, VR and other multimedia technologies, will show a large number of pictures and written materials to give Mexicans glimpses of the mysterious ancient kingdom in China.
Exhibition Featuring Shu Civilization to be Shown in Mexico
A symposium will be held during the event. It is expected to gather experts from both Mexico and China to explore the similarities and differences between Shu civilization and Maya civilization, as well as the protection and inheritance of the two ancient human civilizations.
The event will be the fourth one in recent years that focuses on the communication between the two civilizations. In 2017 and 2018, the Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum held exhibitions in Mexico. And during this year's Chinese Spring Festival, an exhibition displaying ancient Maya artworks from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was staged in Chengdu.

Chengdu, Mérida to Forge Friendly & Cooperative Relations

On Jan.14th (local time), Chengdu and Mérida, Mexico, signed a letter of intent on establishing friendly and cooperative relations, according to the Chengdu Municipal Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

Jan 20, 2016

City Cements Ties with 3 Latin American Countries

A Chengdu delegation visited Mexico, Cuba and Columbia in January.

Feb 12, 2017

Zapopan, Chengdu Hope to Cement Mutual Ties

A delegation from Chengdu Media Group made a media tour in Zapopan, Mexico, November 6 local time. Talking in depth with government officials from the city’s common council and tourism administration, the journalists got a good understanding of Zapopan, a city with friendly and cooperative relations with Chengdu.

Nov 19, 2017

Tianfu Culture Makes a Splash in Mexico

The Experience China·Sichuan Week in Central & North America, following its success in Panama, was staged in Mexico July 7 (local time) in Mérida.

Jul 10, 2018

Deputy Mayor of Mérida: No Other City in the World is as Friendly, Hospitable as Chengdu

“The people in Chengdu are hospitable and friendly. I can say that I can’t find any city in the world which is as friendly and hospitable as Chengdu,” said Mr. Jose Luis Martinez Semerena, Deputy Mayor of Mérida, on July 7 (local time in Mexico), during the Experience China·Sichuan Week in Central & North America.

Jul 15, 2018

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