Cultural Relics Featuring Ancient Shu Civilization Being Exhibited in Rome

Authors: Go Chengdu


145 cultural relics from Sichuan are being exhibited at the Trajan's Market and Museum of the Imperial Fora in Rome.
exhibition on Kingdom of Shu in Rome
An exhibition of 145 cultural relics from Sanxingdui Museum at Sichuan's Guanghan City, as well as other museums in Chengdu, is ongoing at the Trajan's Market and Museum of the Imperial Fora in Rome. The exhibits highlight the culture and civilization of the ancient Kingdom of Shu (221-263AD), which thrived in the Chengdu Plain in southwestern China about 2000 years ago.
exhibition on Kingdom of Shu in Rome 青铜纵目像
The 145 pieces of precious historical treasures, including 5 replicas, showcased at the seven-month exhibition are collections from 8 museums in Sichuan, many of which are important archaeological discoveries from Sanxingdui Ruins, Jinsha Site and Family Ma's Tomb in Xindu District. And some of them were newly unearthed and first came into the public light after excavation. Through the items on display, audiences can have a good understanding of the colorful social and cultural life, extraordinary artistic imagination and amazing creativity of the people in Sichuan in the ancient times
exhibition on Kingdom of Shu in Rome
It is worth mentioning that Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, makes a great contribution to the exhibition, to which the Chengdu Museum offered 25 pieces/sets of articles, and the Jinsha Site Museum 28 pieces/sets. In the near future, the city will have an in-depth cooperation with Italian cultural institutions and museums, to bring the European country's cultural relics and works of art to China.

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