City Signed 22 Foreign-invested Projects Worth US$3.39b

Authors: Go Chengdu


A total of 22 foreign-invested projects worth US$ 3.39 billion were signed at the signing ceremony held last Friday.
On April 12, a signing ceremony for 22 foreign-invested projects in Chengdu was held here in the city. It's the first project signing event at such a large scale in Chengdu after China's new Foreign Investment Law was passed March 15 by the Chinese National People's Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, at the 2nd Session of the 13th NPC.
Chengdu Foreign Investment Project Signing Ceremony
Of the total 22 foreign-invested projects worth US$3.39 billion signed at the ceremony, 9 valued at over US$1.77 billion involve such advanced manufacturing industries as e-information, aviation and aerospace, automobile and equipment manufacturing, and 13 valued at nearly US$1.62 billion specialize in such modern service industries as modern finance, modern logistics, headquarters economy, cultural and creative sectors, as well as pension services, etc.
Chengdu Foreign Investment Project Signing Ceremony
Mr. Luo Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chengdu, delivered a speech at the ceremony. "With unremitting efforts to expand opening-up, Chengdu always prioritizes attracting foreign investment in its work. So far, the city has been home to 8,155 foreign-invested companies. Among the 285 Fortune Global 500 companies in Chengdu, 198 are foreign-funded. Last year, the city's actual use of foreign capital reached US$12.28 billion, increasing 22.3 percent from 2017, and foreign direct investment was US$2.69 billion, with an annual increase of 44.1 percent, Luo said.
Chengdu Foreign Investment Project Signing Ceremony
Mr. Stephen Wong, Consul General of the Consulate General of New Zealand in Chengdu, said that Chengdu always attaches great value to improving its international business environment, making it easier and more convenient for foreign companies to do business here. Its polices for foreign investment highly appeal to investors from New Zealand. He was very pleased to take the opportunity to congratulate Chengdu on its signing of the foreign-invested projects, and wished Chengdu great success in both its process of going global and its economic and social development.

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