City Sees Presence of 200 First Shops of Top Global, Domestic Brands in 2018

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Chengdu witnessed a boom in the retail industry, as an international consumer city.
chengdu consumer city
According to the latest statistics released recently by the Chengdu Retail Business Association, in 2018 a total of 200 first shops of top global and domestic brands, started business here in Chengdu. With the business presence of the shops, including 13 as the first one in China, 75 in the county's southwest region, 110 in Chengdu, as well as 2 international flagship stores, Chengdu witnessed a boom in the retail industry, as an international consumer city.
chengdu chunxi Roadchengdu chunxi Road
Having a well-planned business development strategy, the city has been seeing a rise in the number of top global and domestic brands' first stores in local major shopping malls and centers, and has realized brand expansion in multiple districts and CBDs.
chengdu consumer citychengdu consumer city

Wenshu Fun

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Qinshiqiao Flower Market

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