City Sees First-store Economy Soaring in 2019

Authors: Go Chengdu


In 2019, Chengdu saw the business presence of a total of 473 first stores of home and foreign brands in the city, a year-on-year growth of 136.5%.
According to a research report on the first stores in Chengdu in 2019, co-released January 3 by the Chengdu Retail Business Association and DataQuest China, In 2019, Chengdu saw the business presence of a total of 473 first stores of home and foreign brands in the city, up 136.5% over a year ago. It outperformed all other new first-tier cities in China and second only to Shanghai and Beijing by the number of first global stores.
 first stores in Chengdu
Of all the first stores, 6 are those in the world, 1 in Asia, 50 in China, 26 in China's western region, 97 in southwest China, and 293 in Chengdu, China.
 first stores in Chengdu
The report shows that, compared with those in China's other major cities, the first stores in Chengdu specialize in more sectors, including retailing, catering, living facilities and entertainment, showing an overall balanced development.
 first stores in Chengdu
The report also indicates that the global and domestic brands' first stores tend to gather in large shopping malls and department stores in bustling business areas in and around the Chunxi Road, Tianfu New City and Hongpailou. Among them, the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu ranks first in terms of the number of the first stores, followed by the Chengdu IFS adjacent to the Chunxi Road and Ufun next to the Jiaozi Park, showing a strong appeal to the top domestic and overseas brands.
Besides Global Center, in99 of the Chengdu Yintai Center and Renhe Town, were favored by first stores last year.
 first stores in Chengdu

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