City Recognized by UCCN for Its Work on Developing Sustainable Gastronomy

Authors: Go Chengdu


At the 12th annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) held June 12-15 in Krakow and Katowice, Poland, UCCN released its Membership Monitoring Reports, which highly acknowledge Chengdu’s efforts to develop sustainable gastronomy and to further the cooperation with other cities throughout the world.
The report about Chengdu shows that, Chengdu scored the highest 5 points in both quality and quantity of the initiatives it had implemented both at the local level and through inter-city cooperation. And the city achieved full marks in terms of the quality of the planned actions for the forthcoming period of four years.
According to the report, Chengdu has been committed to conserving its gastronomic culture and heritage, as well as fostering local time-honored food brands and traditional cooking methods. The local government has released various policies and taken pragmatic measures to support century-old traditional brands, systemized local catering industry chains, integrated online and offline catering resources, and strengthened trademark registration and brand protection. Moreover, it has implemented policies to encourage local restaurants to use clean energy. Over the past five years, Chengdu has launched more than 200 cultural projects involving the catering industry.
Chengdu, as highlighted by the report, has been in line with the mission statement of UCCN, in particular, in its strategies and actions of urban sustainable development associated with the food sector, since it became a member of the Network in 2010. The city has made it clear that it will focus on promoting its gastronomic culture and rediscovering its tradition cuisine, which was well reflected by the "slow food" concept and "slow food village" project it shared at the annual meeting.

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