City Launches New Polices to Support Brain Gain

Authors: Li Gen


Earlier this month, Chengdu released an initiative involving 50 new policies to bring in talented people, which, in particular, focuses on global high-caliber personnel engaged in such industries as electronic information, auto manufacturing, food and beverage processing and production, equipment manufacturing, and bio-pharmacy.
Subsidy for Top Entrepreneurs & Startups
Each global top talent/team will hopefully get a total of RMB100 million. Those making significant sci-tech contributions to the city will be granted a maximum of RMB3 million each.
Housing Guarantee
Low-rent flats will be provided to highly skilled people. All fresh university graduates can get 7-day free accommodation in inns specially for them.
High-standard Medical Treatment
Top personnel can enjoy high-standard medical treatment, including appointment-based diagnosis and treatment, one-on-one English reception, as well as faster and easier access to commercial medical insurance.
Simplified Exit & Entry Procedures
Overseas high-caliber personnel, their spouses and under-aged children can apply for permanent residency in China. Foreign university graduates who would start their own businesses in the city after graduation can apply for a five-year private visa. Internship visas will be made accessible to overseas university students coming to the city to work as interns.
Green Card for Foreign Talent
To encourage local corporations and businesses to introduce top talents, the city will make it easier for foreign talent to get green card, and offer much more convenient services in terms of medical treatment, social security, and entrepreneurship and innovation.

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