Chengdu Tianfu Int’l Airport

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Located in Jianyang City, at the center of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and adjacent to the Tianfu New Area, the Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is about 50km from downtown Chengdu and about 51km from the Shuangliu International Airport.
To be shaped as a state-level international air hub, the airport, with two horizontal and four vertical runways, is designed to handle up to 90 million passengers, 2 million tons of cargo and 750,000 takeoffs and landings every year by 2045. Covering an area amounting to 52 square kilometers, including 1.26 million square meters for 4 terminals, the project is such one with the largest ever investment in Sichuan.
With the largest space between main runways in China
To be be finished in 2025, the project's phase 1, during which two vertical and one horizontal runways with a space of 2400 meters between the east and west ones will be built, is designed to handle an annual passenger traffic of 40 million, a cargo throughput of 700,000 tons and 320,000 takeoffs & landings.
The first airport in China with a configuration of decentralized terminals
Shaped as four flying Sunbirds, the symbol of China’s cultural heritage, the terminals combine the strong points of decentralized and centralized terminals in the world. In phase 1, two symmetrical terminals will be built. T1 in the west will be for both international and domestic flights, while T2 in the east for domestic flights only. In order to facilitate the transfer of passengers, the terminals are connected by corridors, a transport center and automated people mover systems.
Two complementary airports to impel Chengdu's economic growth
There will be two airports in Chengdu upon the construction of the Tianfu International Airport. Highly complementary, the two airports will focus on different operations. With equivalent scale of business, the one in Shuangliu will specialize primarily in domestic operations, and the another in Lujia mainly in international and some domestic operations.
The Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd. has planned to expand the capacity of the Shuangliu International Airport in 2016, including the reconstruction of T1, which will be able to handle 8 million to 10 million international (regional) passengers by 2020.

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