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The 2016 Chengdu Food & Culture Festival in San Francisco was concluded on November 19 (local time).
Co-organized by the governments of Chengdu and San Francisco, the 10-day event showed Chengdu's brilliant food culture and amazing civilization.
Ms. Anita Lee, wife of Mayor of San Francisco Mr. Edwin M. Lee, expressed that she hoped more hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley could pay closer attention to Chengdu through the cultural food event, and the two cities could cooperate further in business and trade, cultural and creative industries, education and tourism. The Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center and Chengdu Tourism Experience Center were inaugurated in San Francisco on November 10.
Largest-ever Event of Its Kind Held Overseas
"Chengdu is the only city that has held such cultural food event at the San Francisco City Hall," said Ms. Lee. During their stay in San Francisco, master chefs from Chengdu exchanged views about culinary cultures of China and the US with their American counterparts, and offered authentic Sichuan food to employees of hi-tech companies in Silcom Valley including Google, Intel, Facebook and Cisco. Cisco broadcast the event live to its nearly 10000 staff around the world.
The Chengdu Sichuan Food Overseas Promotion Center and the Chengdu Tourism Experience Center in San Francisco are located inside the production facility of the famous Chinese cuisine cooking show You Can Cook starring Martin Yan. There people working in the hi-tech companies at San Francisco Bay can taste authentic Chengdu flavor and experience Chengdu culture. "We will establish 10 Sichuan Cuisine promotion centers overseas in the next 3 years, to step up the global branding and marketing of Sichuan Cuisine," said an official from the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce.
The new season of Yan Can Cook titled Taste of Tianfu (Sichuan) will be shot in early 2017 in Chengdu. The 13-episode series will be broadcast by PBS in 2018. Martin Yan said, "as an important venue for the promotion and experience centers, my company will do our best to introduce Chengdu food and culture to American audiences.
Gourmet Serving as a Force to Drive the Partnership between Chengdu and San Francisco
Chengdu and San Francisco have been partnering with each other since 2013 in education, culture, tourism, and business and trade. And the two sides established friendly, cooperative ties last October.
"The San Francisco city government attached great importance to the event," said Ms. Lee, adding that some hi-tech companies' staff in Silicon Valley do not know much about Chengdu and she hoped this festival could attract their attention to the Chinese city, which is one of the most important electronic information bases in the world.
"As a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Chengdu shares a lot of common grounds with San Francisco in cultural diversity, economic vitality, academic level, and scientific and technological innovation." Mark Chandler, Director of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of International Trade and Commerce hoped more San Francisco people could have a better understanding of Chengdu through food.
At the cultural food festival, Chengdu welcomed hi-tech professionals in Silicon Valley to Chengdu to attend the China (Chengdu) Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (GIEF) next year. Vaughn Smith, Vice President of Corporate Development, Facebook, showed great interest in the event and said in Chinese, "I am very impressed with the fast-growing economy and rich culture of Chengdu. I would very much like to attend the GIEF next year and explore the city of Chengdu."

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