Chengdu’s Qingbaijiang District Inks 8 Projects Valued at RMB7.1 Bln

Authors: Go Chengdu


At an investment promotion and deal signing event held in Qingbaijiang District on March 25, 8 projects valued at RMB7.1 billion were signed, focusing on the major industries for the Chengdu International Railway Port, including modern logistics, international trade, bonded processing, cross-border e-commerce and supply chain finance.
The most impressive project among the 8 ones is the exhibition and trading center for the bulk commodities from "Belt and Road" countries. It will be invested and built jointly by the Sichuan Ruifeng Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Environment Group and Chengdu Modern Logistics Investment Co., Ltd. To concentrate on the cross-border trade with the countries along the Belt and Road, the center targets to be a leading trading market for bulk commodities both in China and the world.
Chengdu International Railway Port
a view of the Chengdu International Railway Port
This is a strategic investment in the international railway port and was decided based on Qingbaijiang's geographical advantages, industrial strengths as well as business-friendly environment, project leaders from the three companies expressed unanimously.
Relevant statistics show that in the first two months of this year, the Qingbaijiang District introduced more than 20 projects involving RMB66.8 billion, and the trips of the China (Chengdu)-Europe express freight train service and the city's other international rail cargo services soared 89.4% over a year ago, with a gross value of inbound and outbound goods increasing 20% year on year. It is expected that the value will exceed RMB150 billion this year.

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